Wren Themed Wood & Stone Carving Competition

Posted on: January 10th, 2023 by wrenEditor

Our wood and stone carving studios will be open to visitors, who are encouraged to cast their vote in the ever-popular two-day student carving competition, this year themed around Sir Christopher Wren in honour of the tercentenary of his death. As well as watching the historic craft skills of wood and stone carving in action, visitors can have a go at stone carving themselves.  These activities and a host of others related to our specialisms are also part of the Art School’s London Craft Week 2023 programming.  To find out more click HERE

For over 165 years City & Guilds of London Art School has played a vital role in passing on specialist craft skills and inspiring new generations of artists and makers to restore and conserve precious built and cultural heritage for all to see and enjoy.

The Carving department originated in the post-war effort to train professionals for the restoration of war-torn London. Today the courses – validated in 2019 as BA (Hons) Carving and MA Carving – are unique at this level in the UK and further afield and prepare students to work as professionals within the disciplines of woodcarving & gilding or architectural stone carving, able to replicate ornament and reinstate elements of figurative sculpture as well as create new works. By teaching a unique blend of skills, they play a crucial role in keeping alive and securing the future of specialist craftsmanship central to the preservation of historic monuments.

Building a Dome in a Day

Posted on: October 5th, 2022 by wrenAdmin

The triple dome of St Paul’s Cathedral is one of Christopher Wren’s most complex and awe-inspiring designs. This workshop, for VI form pupils will be a practical hands-on exploration of the Dome’s construction. The participants will build a mini dome (3metres in diameter x 4.5 metres high), primarily using foam blocks and bamboo with lead coloured wrapping paper for the exterior. Some students will be involved in the construction while others will be responsible for the decoration of the interior, and finally, all will gather under the completed structure to celebrate their combined achievement.

The construction will take place in March 2023 as part of the Wren 300 festival in the church of St Sepulchre, Holborn, the largest Parish Church in inner London.

Participants will be from around 10 schools with a strong interest in Design and Technology. The project will be led by led by Chris Wise, Senior Director Expedition Engineering with Catherine Ramsden, Founding Director of the architectural practice Useful Studio and member of the Foster + Partners team who designed the Millennium Bridge.

The workshop is funded by an Ingenious Award 2022 from the Royal Academy of Engineering.

We will begin this daylong session with a visit to St Paul’s Cathedral to experience the wonder of Wren’s Dome construction firsthand. The group will consist of 4 Senior engineers, 10 graduate engineers in the first year of professional employment with c. 80 VI formers from London Diocesan Schools.