A Close Encounter with Christopher Wren 3-day Expert Tour

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Guided Tour
3 - 5 Jul 2023
City & Guilds of London Art School


Our 3-day course is a journey of discovery through some of Wren’s architectural achievements in and around London, including the Royal Naval Hospital at Greenwich, Hampton Court Palace, London City Churches and St Paul’s Cathedral. Guided by an architectural historian and experienced educator, Dr Michael Paraskos, you will discover the influences from France and Italy that helped to define his style, learn how Wren integrated his scientific training into his architecture, and explore some of the perhaps surprising aspects of Wren’s work that lift him from being a dry classical revivalist into a creative artist.

As well as discovering Wren himself, you will encounter some of the architects who influenced him and those he came to influence, and along the way you will learn some of the specialist vocabulary used to describe Wren’s particular style.

An intense, but enjoyable and rewarding experience, the course is both a discovery of Wren, and a journey to uncover the foundations of British architecture which Wren helped to lay for future generations. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended!

A Close Encounter with Christopher Wren is part of the 2023 Summer School collection at City & Guilds of London Art School. The Summer School programme of short courses, 3-21 July, focus on the specialist fine art, historic craft and art history disciplines that are taught at the Art School.

Dr Michael Paraskos is a Tutor at City & Guilds of London Art School, specialising on the architectural history of London.