Christopher Wren: What Legacy Now?

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15 Jul - 30 Nov 2023
Old Royal Naval College
Old Royal Naval College


Wren did not simply set out to create monuments for the ages but was responding to the urgent social questions of his time. This photographic exhibition by photographer Hamish MacPherson draws attention to people continuing the different legacies of Wren.

Each photograph sheds light on a series of contemporary figures, including renowned academics and designers. The photographs were created using a flatbed scanner, which creates an intriguing and mysterious quality. The final images shed light on contemporary figures without solidifying them completely, as they too possess their own shifting legacies.

About the artist

Hamish MacPherson is an artist and researcher interested in the crossovers between movement, choreography, and philosophy. His work is multifaceted, taking the form of performance art, photography, film, audio pieces, text, games, workshops, among others. Since 2019, he has been working as a Visitor Experience Assistant at the Old Royal Naval College, a role which has allowed him to dig deeper into the oral culture of this historic site and the choreography of human interactions within the space.

Hamish MacPherson was inspired to create What Legacy Now? after learning of Sir Christopher Wren’s contributions, which extended far beyond his renowned status as an architect. Inspired by this, this exhibition intends to make viewers to think about intangible legacies, and how Wren’s influence resonates with contemporary concerns.

Location: Ripley Tunnel (access through the Undercroft Café), Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich