Photography exhibition: London’s Fire Service and The City during the Second World War

Copyright: London Fire Brigade
4 Sep - 18 Dec 2023


The London Fire Brigade Museum will be commemorating the role of the fire service to protect The City during the Blitz.

One of the worst nights of 1940 was 29 December when the City of London was bombed and set ablaze to such an extent that it is referred to as the Second Great Fire of London. One hundred and sixty-three people were killed, including 12 firefighters, and 509 were injured. Thirteen Wren churches were destroyed, but St Paul’s Cathedral remained standing.

This pop-up exhibition will use images of the work of the firefighter artists and the Brigade’s extensive photography archive to illustrate how the fire service protected The City during the Blitz, especially on the night of 29 December 1940.

Touring exhibition from September 2023 – December 2023