Sir Christopher Wren – Scientist and Artist with Dr Michael Paraskos

23 Mar 2023


2023 marks the 300th anniversary of the death of Christopher Wren, known to many as the architect of St Paul’s Cathedral in London, but also the creator of numerous other innovative buildings in London and elsewhere. As well as these artistic achievements, Wren was also a highly distinguished scientist. As well as holding professorships at both the Gresham Institute and the University of Oxford, he was one of the leading lights in the founding of the Royal Society. In this seminar Michael Paraskos will look at some of the achievements of Wren in both architecture and science, and set out some of the possible connections between these activities, asking the question, was Wren in fact a pioneer in turning STEM into STEAM?

Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication, Imperial College South Kensington, London, and online